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Brian Regan: I Walked On The Moon DVD
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Brian Regan: I Walked On The Moon DVD

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A review of this Brian Regan DVD: I Walked On The Moon-- "He has the ability to magnify the smallest facet of each of his observations, keep it clean and make it funny. Regan is a surgeon." --Dylan P. Gadino, Punchline Magazine

I Walked On The Moon includes the following routines:

  1. Emergency Room
  2. Visiting The Doctor
  3. Food
  4. UPS
  5. Refrigerator
  6. Phones and Codes
  7. Airline Stuff
  8. Inventions
  9. Eye Doctor
  10. Dinner Party

Encoded Region 0 to play on all DVD players. Item #: 3BAM01
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Average Customer Rating  (6) | Read All | Write a Review
Kris (12/26/2016)
This is classic Brian Regan. I've seen him three times in concert, and his material never gets old. A must for any fan!
Aurora Clawson (12/23/2015)
Brian Regan is what I call a wholly plugged in comic. His whole body reverberates with his words creating another layering of comedic skill altogether. I have doubled over laughing just watching how he moves his body as he performs. That is rare indeed, a cut above the rest. He doesn't just stand there or go from side to side spouting like a lawn sprinkler spigot. He lures you in to join him in the irony and hilarity of even the simplest situations as perceived by someone who is paying attention to the absurdities and underlying humor of human interaction. This video is a treasure from beginning to end. There is not one part of it that lags. He transitions like butta [sic] from one scenario to the next, gifting us with the funniest situations, delivery and livingness of his comedy I've seen to date. As well, I had to give this DVD to practically everyone I know so they could experience it for themselves. And, Brian's comedy just doesn't get old! I can watch this over and over. Buy the DVD for the love of god! If not today, then next Thursday, or sometime in November, and TAKE LUCK!
Jake (11/19/2015)
Five Enthusiastic Thumbs Up My family discovered Brian Regan about 10 years ago - we saw Brian at the Irvine Improv. We now live in South Carolina - and we will drive anywhere within 250 miles when Brian has a local(ish) concert. This weekend we are headed to Charlotte NC to see Brian live. I hand out Brian's DVD at Christmas - and can honestly say I have made more friends by doing this. Everyone loves Brian Regan - he is simply the best Stand Up comedian in the country.
Heather (8/26/2015)
This is the funniest thing you can imagine watching and experiencing. I have seen this DVD more times than I can put a number on, and it makes me laugh OUT LOUD every time I see it. HECK, just thinking about it makes me laugh! I have purchased at least 5 copies for other people as gifts, and they are now big fans. Whenever people get together for an indoor hang out, they would watch this DVD. I'm actually going to buy a few more copies to get started on holiday gifts and upcoming birthdays. Brian's material is always funny, clever, and true to life. I swear I live these things he discusses in every day life. The best part of that is now I have Brian's commentary in my head while It's playing out in my real life. It's smart funny while still being silly. One of the great parts of it, I gave a DVD to my parents (in their late 50s) (who love it so much and got copies for their friends) and you don't have to worry about bad language or raunchy subject matter. Brian has mastered the art of joke telling & creating without having to use those things and it's funnier and elevated higher than anyone else. There's so many funny take away phrases from Brian's stand up, especially on this DVD. People I know who have seen this (myself included) will randomly say these things - especially when it pertains to what we're doing- and everyone will laugh. "Something's changed", "Say 8, Say8 !", and "girth units" just to name a few (& to not ruin it for anyone). :) I was at the taping of this DVD as well. I remember that night vividly, including the buckets of tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. It was difficult to breathe, in a "good way" of course. When leaving at the end of that night, I looked in the mirror in the venue's restroom and saw how red and puffy my eyes were, and you could tell I had been crying from laughing. I could NOT wait until the DVD was released because I wanted everyone I knew to see it. Everyone needs a laugh and especially a long lasting, deep from your guts kind of laugh. This is where you'll get that! I don't typically find things I feel so strongly about and tell everyone I know about it, but this is an exception. Definitely buy this for yourself an a copy for everyone you like, warm up your face muscles with a good face stretch, and be ready to laugh like silly. All of his stand up/DVDs/CDs are great, but this is the best of the best.
Ryan (8/26/2015)
I love this show. My wife and I watch it over and over again and it is always hilarious. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
Nancy (8/26/2015)
I Buy this CD for everyone who doesn't already own it! My husband and I bring it out to entertain friends and have never had anyone who wasn't wiping tears of laughter from their face after the first 10 minutes. There is no offensive language and his take on the hilarity of everyday life is brilliant. Brian Regan's best work to date. His other CDs are just not quite at this level. Brian sets the bar quite high after this epic comedic work. I've seen him on-stage and will do so anytime he plays a venue nearby. Take luck!